They laughed together…they even cried together…they fought with each other many a times. But, what matters is that they fight against all the odds and come back together. There’s a thing about love no matter how much mad you get from that person you love, you can’t stay away from them. Two people can be in love immensely to the bits like,

For him:

“His girl”. The girl who changed his entire life, who made him go crazy after her. The love of his life. The girl who is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off her. All you want to do is just stare at her and watch her do all those little things which she does that will make you more crazy for her, like when she tuck her hair behind her ears, when she roll her sleeves up when she wants to have an argument, when she make that cute little puppy face when she wants you to accept what she wants so that she could win…and at that all you could think of just kissing her and you have never let her win intentionally she always wins by herself. You can never win from her because you lost your heart to her long time ago. The girl who made him understands what love is. She is so special and she has no idea about it. The girl whenever she cries you just want to hold her and tell her everything will be alright. The best girl in the world and she’s mine.

For her:

She’s in love with him. He’s her guy for infinity, who will never leave her alone even in her darkest time. Who can go every way possible just to put a smile in her face. He’s her hero. She can always trust him that he’ll never let her down. His small gestures are so magical that totally wins her all at one and made her fall for him again and again. There’s no place anywhere other than his beside which can comfort her, because she belongs to him. He’s someone who no matter what situation is he is always in her mind and why not some people are worth for everything. Yes, he’s worth for everything in this whole universe. She just can’t stop thinking about him and she love this feeling. He’s just a simple guy for everyone but for her, there is a  special thing about him which is only meant for her. The best guy in the world and he’s mine.

‘Love is something which is built from inside and makes you a better person that every single thing about that person seems to be beautiful and everything is perfect in your own world.’

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