So much to say

There’s always something left unsaid. 

You don’t know how life is when it strikes you so hard that you start questioning about everything. You loved someone and then you loose them from your life but what about the memories, may be you can learn how to be without that person but what to do when memories hit you back and break you down. This is not about that person but this is what you have inside you that calls you every moment when you were together. You’re afraid that one day they will pass by you as a stanger and it will broke you  because you really wanted them to stop by right there in front of you looking back at your face with those glittery eyes like they were too waiting to see you and talk to you after so long. It’s been Already so much you both have been through and all we know is that we can fight more. You want to say so much to them in that very moment but there’s always something that is left unsaid and may be if you leave it will be unsaid. 

Give it a chance may be someday you’ll look back and wish you’ve taken it. 

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