Daddy’s little Princess.

Where did you go? 

I’ve been waiting for you to pick me up when I fall and take me on your shoulders and says, there’s my little princess need to be.

 “Up above all.”  

When someone ask about you my eyes crave just to see you once again because I’m looking for you so that I can hold your hand and walk around with you saying yeah he’s here,  he’s my daddy to all of them who ask about you. You taught me how to play cricket back then and you brushed my hair like a boy and make me believe that this world can be a better place to be with when I have you because I know you are always there to protect me to teach me to hold me. 

Where did you go? 

All the things you make me learn I wish you can see me now how I’m changed since you’ve gone. How much I’m thinking of you and crying over just to be with you again. How much I’ve grown up but there’s a part of me which is still stuck when you and I played cricket while waiting for the school bus to come. Where you do all the painting and I sit right in front of you and watch you so that I can do it on my own painting some day, well you let me colour in your drawing of mountains and that small river coming from in between and a small hut near the river there were grasses and birds which looks like letter “V”. There’s so many things which I can collect from my memories of you and I’ll never stop collecting more. Because this is all I have now memories of us.

 You’re not coming back.

The worst regret is that I don’t have our last conversation. And now you’re gone and I’m stuck there is no where I can go. 

I need you so that I can see you once again,  hear your voice, hold your hand and most of all to be loved by my father which I miss a lot. 

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s little Princess.

  1. I read your post and a deep sense of melancholy, sensitivity and strength flowed through your words. simply loved your writing and delighted to come across your blog. just like I am also a person who seems highly emotional but bottles up the most important emotions and experiences.
    I have also recently started a blog to reach out to and learn from other like minded souls.. and also to fight the constant feeling of wasting my life without doing anything productive.
    so .. it will be great if you could take time to check out my blog

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