Giving up

There’s nothing more disappointing than giving up on someone whom you want so badly that your life feel so incomplete without them but you need to die inside Everytime you see them because you know they don’t think about you the same way. You can try hard but after some time you will not feel the same and that will be the most darkest point of your story. At that point, You wanted them by your side to give you a reason to stay. There was no hope to be seen by your side. You wanted love by only one person you always dreamed to be together and what you got? Nothing but ending up doubting that you don’t deserve to be loved. But let me tell you something love is something that keeps you happy, give you a reason to smile, be your every day sunshine.

People should go, find love, be happy and just be together because when you gave up, you lost yourself too. 

Don’t gave up so easily some people can’t find their way back together and that’s how something they claimed beyond there little infinity turns out to be”

                      THE END. 

1 thought on “Giving up

  1. Life is similar to a bus ride. The journey begins when we board the bus. We meet people along our way of which some are strangers, some friends and some strangers yet to be friends.
    There are stops at intervals and people board in. At times some of these people make their presence felt, leave an impact through their grace and beauty on us fellow passengers while on other occasions they remain indifferent.
    But then it is important for some people to make an exit, to get down and walk the paths they were destined to because if people always made an entrance and never left either for the better or worse, then we would feel suffocated and confused like those people in the bus, the purpose of the journey would lose its essence and the journey altogether would neither be worthwhile nor smooth.

    PS – Birthday cake is still due :P..

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