Monthly Archives: February 2019


This have been a long time since I have been caught up in my own thoughts and I was in a denial phase, I could not take that my life is falling apart. I’m sure everone feels this way at some point of their life so I think it is normal to be not okay for a while. This life It’s our journey and every person we meet has a part of building it whether it is good or bad, it’s on our choices. We don’t get to choose to mold it up according to us because universe is entitled to do so. I believe we all are made up of feelings, there is outrage of emotions and we are just the puppets acting as our feelings play us around. We love, we broke, we cry, we rement, we build together back again just to be broke again at some point. But, we never gave up and we should never get tired of it after all it’s our journey we should never gave up on searching what is coming up next in your path. You are doing amazing, you will get everything you wanted but only when the time will strike.

Not before nor after.