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You know there are many, many people who think they doesn’t fit here maybe in some group or in their life. There is always some kinda insecurities in their mind that they are not like others and every got some good points and all they are is useless in front of them.

Believe me when i say this, I’m a part of this.

Everyone is not the same, moreover everyone got something different and special. You should accept the reality what you are and love how you are no matter you’re dark or bulky or whatever. This is you and you have to accept it and love it.

Accept yourself,

Love yourself,

Understand yourself,

Grow yourself,

Live for yourself!

People will say what they want to, no force in the world can change that.

it doesn’t matter you’re doing is nothing still they are gonna judge.

So why not be happy by ourselves?

Unsaid feeling’s

There are so many things which are left incomplete,

There are so many people who all are left behind,

There are so many thoughts which we don’t think over again,

There are so many memories which we keep locked down deep in our hearts,

There are so many chances we miss, just in a hope that we’ll be getting more,

But do we get more?

Do we feel complete ever in our life?

Will you ever be satisfied with what you have?

It is said that something’s are better left unsaid, but how will that ever be okay for any of us.

Unsaid things, untaken chances, left behind people, burred memories. Things that will haunt you and eat you day by day.

Take chances, say what you want to say, feel what you like, better do whatever you have to do before it gets too late and regret comes by.

Something about you

I don’t know what is it about you,

Your smile, your voice, your bright shining eyes, your laughter, your hand gestures which you do while talking, or the weird expressions of yours when you find something, that makes me think how can i get someone so imperfectly magical.

Yes, you’re imperfectly magical to me.

There is something about you which draws me so close to you, yet so far from you.

I don’t know what it is about you,

You do things unknowingly and i notice every little things of yours like this is what it is.

nothing more, nothing less.

You’re my blessing from heaven which came true and i could have given up anything to keep you as my blessing.

I don’t know what it is about you,

I found you as mine and now when you’re gone, it’s like you were like a mirage and now that mirage is broken. Reality can strike you hard more than you can think of.

Your love can heal, your love can bruise.

Life can be uncertain sometimes and so is love!

I’ll always remember you because i know there’s something about you, that will always keep you close to my heart.

I hope sometimes, you’ll miss me too.