Something about you

I don’t know what is it about you,

Your smile, your voice, your bright shining eyes, your laughter, your hand gestures which you do while talking, or the weird expressions of yours when you find something, that makes me think how can i get someone so imperfectly magical.

Yes, you’re imperfectly magical to me.

There is something about you which draws me so close to you, yet so far from you.

I don’t know what it is about you,

You do things unknowingly and i notice every little things of yours like this is what it is.

nothing more, nothing less.

You’re my blessing from heaven which came true and i could have given up anything to keep you as my blessing.

I don’t know what it is about you,

I found you as mine and now when you’re gone, it’s like you were like a mirage and now that mirage is broken. Reality can strike you hard more than you can think of.

Your love can heal, your love can bruise.

Life can be uncertain sometimes and so is love!

I’ll always remember you because i know there’s something about you, that will always keep you close to my heart.

I hope sometimes, you’ll miss me too.

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