Monthly Archives: February 2020


There’s always been something wrong with me.

There’s always something bothering me.

There’s always something going on in my head, which keep on repeating.

Yes, these are my insecurities which keep running in circles.

Whenever something good comes up with me, here you go my insecurities pop up out of nowhere.

There’s nothing i can do about it. i just sit there wondering I don’t deserve any good, infact I don’t deserve anything at all.

I know this is all depressing but what damage insecurities can do to you is beyond measures.

you know what is the problem with you. but, other’s can never understand this side of you because these insecurities are a part of you and you own your insecurities, not anyone else.

Your insecurities are your story, you know every fear, every trauma, every pain related to it. You’ve experienced it all. You don’t want to go through that ever again, so you push away all the goodness in your life.

You save your loved ones, from you ruining them. honestly, i think you’re the strongest of all, if you can let go of love just to save it.

People will stick by if they really want to. but the harsh reality is, you can’t love anyone harder just to keep the person forever.

Love will drift apart, Murdered by unfulfilled expectations.