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I Hope to see you again. 

I hope someday at some point of your life in the middle of nowhere you think about me. 

I hope you’ll be happy in your life without me but I’m waiting for you when you’ll say there’s something missing in your life and that is me. 

I hope you achieve everything in your life Which you always wanted but I’m waiting for you to say that you still lack something in your life and that is me. 

I hope you sleep well at night peacefully but I’m waiting for you to say that I’m your 3am thoughts and you want me. 

I hope you’re doing just fine without me but I’m waiting for you to come and take me back in your arms saying this is where I belong. 

You and me. 

Nothing more.

I want you and I want us together nothing more. 

Is it too hard to get? I’m not happy without you and Everytime I saw you I die inside. I want to be near you holding your hand where your fingers crossed in mine, feeling your breath as I lean on your shoulders. my home was in your arms when you used to kiss my head. I want you to know that I miss you and I miss you so much that I wish I could just run to you and hug you so tight and never let you go. I can’t think of anything else but sitting next to you looking at you doing all those little things which make me fall deeper in you. I don’t know if you feel the same way I don’t know if you miss me the same way I don’t even know if you think of me in your whole day. I don’t know anything about you now but I know about myself, I’m dieing without you every day and I’m not sure how much I can take more without you because I loved you with my heart and soul. 

I miss you a lot. 

Beyond everything 

People come and people go, and we get used to it that no one is gonna be with you forever. You try to build a infinity with someone and then they are gone. leaving a huge block in your heart. You actually miss the memories which you shared together. You miss so much and the saddest part of it is that you can’t even cry it out because you don’t want to go back again. You can’t be together neither you can be apart. 

And you fade away.. 

I was right behind you and I watched you fade away… 

This is the most painful thing to see you going away from me and what I’m doing? Just standing there helpless watching my life going away. You don’t know what you’re to me. But what you did to me is something I never thought of. You destroyed me to the bits,  you crushed my soul and still every crumbles have your name. This is you in me, every inch of me crave for you. I couldn’t get over you because I’ve dream about you every single night and, 


You’re gone. 


There’s always some days in your life Which are so full of color that they don’t fade even in the darkness days. Those colors keep you alive and make you realize that everything will be fine. It’s just a cloudy day and sun will more bright than ever as you’ll come out to shine by your own. 

She’s broke but strong. 

This is officially my first post over here and I’m literally not very stable at emotional level right now so I’m giving it a chance to my writings so that I can express everything by which I’m drowning inside my own hell. 

She was a normal happy go lucky girl. Then life took a turn,  time changed and she’s left with unsaid words which she wants to scream out to the world but she’s broke to utter a single word. But I promise when she’ll come back she will be stronger than ever and no one will be able to pull her down. 

There’s a rainbow waiting for her, it’s just she have to make through all the rain.