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Something borrowed

I wonder sometimes, that borrowing is offensive.

why borrow when you can own it. But I’ve learned a thing or two, that we need people who give us some kind of direction to way of life. Some people will inspire you to be better, some people will criticise you to get out of your comfort zone, some people will push you to do your best, and some people will simply pass on a smile to you which i think is necessary to be borrowed.

You know, a smile can do wonders?


There’s always been something wrong with me.

There’s always something bothering me.

There’s always something going on in my head, which keep on repeating.

Yes, these are my insecurities which keep running in circles.

Whenever something good comes up with me, here you go my insecurities pop up out of nowhere.

There’s nothing i can do about it. i just sit there wondering I don’t deserve any good, infact I don’t deserve anything at all.

I know this is all depressing but what damage insecurities can do to you is beyond measures.

you know what is the problem with you. but, other’s can never understand this side of you because these insecurities are a part of you and you own your insecurities, not anyone else.

Your insecurities are your story, you know every fear, every trauma, every pain related to it. You’ve experienced it all. You don’t want to go through that ever again, so you push away all the goodness in your life.

You save your loved ones, from you ruining them. honestly, i think you’re the strongest of all, if you can let go of love just to save it.

People will stick by if they really want to. but the harsh reality is, you can’t love anyone harder just to keep the person forever.

Love will drift apart, Murdered by unfulfilled expectations.


You know there are many, many people who think they doesn’t fit here maybe in some group or in their life. There is always some kinda insecurities in their mind that they are not like others and every got some good points and all they are is useless in front of them.

Believe me when i say this, I’m a part of this.

Everyone is not the same, moreover everyone got something different and special. You should accept the reality what you are and love how you are no matter you’re dark or bulky or whatever. This is you and you have to accept it and love it.

Accept yourself,

Love yourself,

Understand yourself,

Grow yourself,

Live for yourself!

People will say what they want to, no force in the world can change that.

it doesn’t matter you’re doing is nothing still they are gonna judge.

So why not be happy by ourselves?

Unsaid feeling’s

There are so many things which are left incomplete,

There are so many people who all are left behind,

There are so many thoughts which we don’t think over again,

There are so many memories which we keep locked down deep in our hearts,

There are so many chances we miss, just in a hope that we’ll be getting more,

But do we get more?

Do we feel complete ever in our life?

Will you ever be satisfied with what you have?

It is said that something’s are better left unsaid, but how will that ever be okay for any of us.

Unsaid things, untaken chances, left behind people, burred memories. Things that will haunt you and eat you day by day.

Take chances, say what you want to say, feel what you like, better do whatever you have to do before it gets too late and regret comes by.

Something about you

I don’t know what is it about you,

Your smile, your voice, your bright shining eyes, your laughter, your hand gestures which you do while talking, or the weird expressions of yours when you find something, that makes me think how can i get someone so imperfectly magical.

Yes, you’re imperfectly magical to me.

There is something about you which draws me so close to you, yet so far from you.

I don’t know what it is about you,

You do things unknowingly and i notice every little things of yours like this is what it is.

nothing more, nothing less.

You’re my blessing from heaven which came true and i could have given up anything to keep you as my blessing.

I don’t know what it is about you,

I found you as mine and now when you’re gone, it’s like you were like a mirage and now that mirage is broken. Reality can strike you hard more than you can think of.

Your love can heal, your love can bruise.

Life can be uncertain sometimes and so is love!

I’ll always remember you because i know there’s something about you, that will always keep you close to my heart.

I hope sometimes, you’ll miss me too.


This have been a long time since I have been caught up in my own thoughts and I was in a denial phase, I could not take that my life is falling apart. I’m sure everone feels this way at some point of their life so I think it is normal to be not okay for a while. This life It’s our journey and every person we meet has a part of building it whether it is good or bad, it’s on our choices. We don’t get to choose to mold it up according to us because universe is entitled to do so. I believe we all are made up of feelings, there is outrage of emotions and we are just the puppets acting as our feelings play us around. We love, we broke, we cry, we rement, we build together back again just to be broke again at some point. But, we never gave up and we should never get tired of it after all it’s our journey we should never gave up on searching what is coming up next in your path. You are doing amazing, you will get everything you wanted but only when the time will strike.

Not before nor after.

Giving up

There’s nothing more disappointing than giving up on someone whom you want so badly that your life feel so incomplete without them but you need to die inside Everytime you see them because you know they don’t think about you the same way. You can try hard but after some time you will not feel the same and that will be the most darkest point of your story. At that point, You wanted them by your side to give you a reason to stay. There was no hope to be seen by your side. You wanted love by only one person you always dreamed to be together and what you got? Nothing but ending up doubting that you don’t deserve to be loved. But let me tell you something love is something that keeps you happy, give you a reason to smile, be your every day sunshine.

People should go, find love, be happy and just be together because when you gave up, you lost yourself too. 

Don’t gave up so easily some people can’t find their way back together and that’s how something they claimed beyond there little infinity turns out to be”

                      THE END. 

Daddy’s little Princess.

Where did you go? 

I’ve been waiting for you to pick me up when I fall and take me on your shoulders and says, there’s my little princess need to be.

 “Up above all.”  

When someone ask about you my eyes crave just to see you once again because I’m looking for you so that I can hold your hand and walk around with you saying yeah he’s here,  he’s my daddy to all of them who ask about you. You taught me how to play cricket back then and you brushed my hair like a boy and make me believe that this world can be a better place to be with when I have you because I know you are always there to protect me to teach me to hold me. 

Where did you go? 

All the things you make me learn I wish you can see me now how I’m changed since you’ve gone. How much I’m thinking of you and crying over just to be with you again. How much I’ve grown up but there’s a part of me which is still stuck when you and I played cricket while waiting for the school bus to come. Where you do all the painting and I sit right in front of you and watch you so that I can do it on my own painting some day, well you let me colour in your drawing of mountains and that small river coming from in between and a small hut near the river there were grasses and birds which looks like letter “V”. There’s so many things which I can collect from my memories of you and I’ll never stop collecting more. Because this is all I have now memories of us.

 You’re not coming back.

The worst regret is that I don’t have our last conversation. And now you’re gone and I’m stuck there is no where I can go. 

I need you so that I can see you once again,  hear your voice, hold your hand and most of all to be loved by my father which I miss a lot. 

So much to say

There’s always something left unsaid. 

You don’t know how life is when it strikes you so hard that you start questioning about everything. You loved someone and then you loose them from your life but what about the memories, may be you can learn how to be without that person but what to do when memories hit you back and break you down. This is not about that person but this is what you have inside you that calls you every moment when you were together. You’re afraid that one day they will pass by you as a stanger and it will broke you  because you really wanted them to stop by right there in front of you looking back at your face with those glittery eyes like they were too waiting to see you and talk to you after so long. It’s been Already so much you both have been through and all we know is that we can fight more. You want to say so much to them in that very moment but there’s always something that is left unsaid and may be if you leave it will be unsaid. 

Give it a chance may be someday you’ll look back and wish you’ve taken it. 




They laughed together…they even cried together…they fought with each other many a times. But, what matters is that they fight against all the odds and come back together. There’s a thing about love no matter how much mad you get from that person you love, you can’t stay away from them. Two people can be in love immensely to the bits like,

For him:

“His girl”. The girl who changed his entire life, who made him go crazy after her. The love of his life. The girl who is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off her. All you want to do is just stare at her and watch her do all those little things which she does that will make you more crazy for her, like when she tuck her hair behind her ears, when she roll her sleeves up when she wants to have an argument, when she make that cute little puppy face when she wants you to accept what she wants so that she could win…and at that all you could think of just kissing her and you have never let her win intentionally she always wins by herself. You can never win from her because you lost your heart to her long time ago. The girl who made him understands what love is. She is so special and she has no idea about it. The girl whenever she cries you just want to hold her and tell her everything will be alright. The best girl in the world and she’s mine.

For her:

She’s in love with him. He’s her guy for infinity, who will never leave her alone even in her darkest time. Who can go every way possible just to put a smile in her face. He’s her hero. She can always trust him that he’ll never let her down. His small gestures are so magical that totally wins her all at one and made her fall for him again and again. There’s no place anywhere other than his beside which can comfort her, because she belongs to him. He’s someone who no matter what situation is he is always in her mind and why not some people are worth for everything. Yes, he’s worth for everything in this whole universe. She just can’t stop thinking about him and she love this feeling. He’s just a simple guy for everyone but for her, there is a  special thing about him which is only meant for her. The best guy in the world and he’s mine.

‘Love is something which is built from inside and makes you a better person that every single thing about that person seems to be beautiful and everything is perfect in your own world.’